Chef Careers in New York

Chef Careers in New York

Must all New York chefs, like Anthony Bourdain, eat wart hog in Namibia? Probably not, but Bourdain's show No Reservations, which shows Bourdain eating and (usually) enjoying authentic cuisines from around the world, highlights the immense variety of cuisines available right in New York City.

As an epicenter for culinary innovation, many four and five-star chefs call New York home -- from Masayoshi Takayama to Daniel Boulud.

Of course, devising menus for fancy hotels and restaurants isn't the only option for chefs in New York. You might get your start in the kind of restaurant where most New Yorkers eat.

Regardless of where chefs work in New York, becoming a head chef always requires time, determination, creativity and managerial skill.

Education & Training

Most executive chefs hold some sort of culinary degree in pastry or savory arts, from culinary academies such as:

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