5 Tips anyone who is Starting Their Own Catering Company Should Read

by Angela Puma
If you are an aspiring chef, entrepreneur, or both, the catering business might be for you! Caterers deliver delicious food and spectacular service at events of all kinds. Common types of events that caterers serve at are weddings, corporate events, and parties.

Concept Before starting your own catering company, you should pick a food category to specialize in. Some catering companies choose to focus on ethnic food. There are catering companies that focus entirely on specific meals such as lunch. Whatever your central concept is, make sure that the items on your menu all correspond with the theme and are cohesive with one another.

Education If you do not have much experience in the catering business, you should consider completing an educational program specializing in hospitality management or a related field. Both two year, and four year degrees are available. The courses you will take will include both business classes and culinary classes. You will learn the latest cooking techniques and how to get the most out of flavors. You will also learn how to operate your business and develop an understanding of how to account for your business’s finances and how to market your services.

Getting Started When you are starting your company, one of the first things you should do is purchase equipment. The most basic equipment you will need is an oven or stove to cook with, mobile refrigeration devices, and a vehicle that you can use to transport the food to the catering destination. Depending on the scale of your operation, you may also want to consider hiring staff to cook and serve at events.

Promoting After you have established a concept and menu, it is time to work on getting customers. This will require you to promote your business on a variety of platforms. Social media is a great way to start. Create pages for your business on social media sites such as Facebook, and use your page to promote your brand and reach as many potential customers as possible. Some social media sites offer tools that allow you to advertise your brand only to those who are most likely to use your services.

Networking Networking with existing professionals in your field is a great way to get your service out there. You should network with those who you feel are most likely to use your service or recommend it to others. Event planners are valuable connections to have because they can recommend your services to their clients. If you own a dinner catering company, it might be a good idea to develop relationships with wedding planners specifically. If you area lunch caterer, consider connecting with meeting planners and office managers.

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